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From 16 ACT to Ph.D.! The Cost of Success

The cost of achieving success is often found in how resources (time, people, and money) are allocated and used. Unfortunately, many individuals' projections for success are measured by their ability to perform at high levels academically, socially, professionally, emotionally, and physically. Success in business, school, and relationships is achieved when you make the necessary changes to achieve desired outcomes. Learn how Justin Grimes went from a low ACT score and GPA to completing a Ph.D., winning awards, and achieving much success.

What's Next: Work, Internship, Graduate School, or Something Else?

Are you near the completion of your bachelor's degree? Have you worked for several years and are ready to try something new? Do you need to return to school to apply for a higher position within your field but are afraid you aren't prepared or good enough? Maybe you've said, "Is graduate school for me?" Learn what's driving this question and how to prepare to make an informed decision about your future.


Navigating Transitions: Relationships, Jobs, School, and Other Things

Schlossberg defined a transition as any event or non-event that results in
changed relationships, routines, assumptions, and roles.  Unfortunately, many of us lack the tools to navigate transitions successfully. Using Schlossberg's Theory of Transition, you will learn how to navigate transitions as a student or employee. 

Go For It! Connecting 4 Strategies for Personal and Academic Success

Connect 4 is a popular game with an unbeatable winning strategy. Can you implement a strategy to win every game of Connect 4, provided you make no mistakes? No, because nobody is perfect as game players or human beings. To win the game of Connect 4, just like in life, you must start by putting yourself at the center. Learn how to become the master of your personal and academic Connect 4 strategy. This interactive keynote includes playing the game Connect 4, learning strategies to implement for success, and a fantastic bonus that excites the crowd.

TalentMagnet: Attracting Top Talent to Graduate Studies

As educators, you serve as talent magnets for graduate education, nurturing exceptional minds, guiding them toward advanced degrees, and empowering their career goals. Talent magnets in graduate education are exceptional at recruiting people because they can identify and attract individuals ready to elevate the future of academia and innovation. Bring this transformative workshop to your campus, and we can collectively revolutionize recruitment and admissions.

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