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From Raggedy to R.E.A.D.Y 

Success often comes from being prepared for the next opportunity. Being unprepared means not having a plan to achieve academic, personal, or professional success (aka Raggedy). Being R.E.A.D.Y. means gaining and leveraging your skills, network, and gifts to make the necessary changes to achieve desired outcomes. You can learn Dr. Justin Grimes's 5-step process for going from being unprepared to being R.E.A.D.Y. on your road to success.

What's Next: Work, Internship, Graduate School, or Something Else?

Are you close to completing your bachelor's degree? Do you need to complete an internship? Have you worked for several years and are ready to try something new? Do you need to return to school to apply for a higher position within your field but are afraid you aren't prepared or good enough? Maybe you've asked yourself, "What's next for me?" Determine the driving forces behind this question and prepare to make a well-informed, confident decision about your future.


Questions to Answer Before You Apply to Graduate School

In this workshop, guided by the book "20 Questions to Answer Before You Apply to Graduate School," attendees will become experts in navigating the graduate school application process,  compiling necessary materials, devising effective financing plans, pinpointing ideal schools, engaging recruiters with insightful questions, and more.

How to Pay For Graduate School

Considering graduate school but worried about the cost? Join our interactive workshop to learn practical strategies and explore funding options for financing your advanced education. Our expert speakers will share insider tips, provide personalized advice, and answer all your questions to help you make informed financial decisions. Don’t let the cost of graduate school hold you back—learn how to fund your future with confidence!

TalentMagnet: Recruiting and Retaining Graduate Students

Join us for an impactful workshop providing the best practices for recruitment and admissions. This workshop will help attendees attract talent, nurture exceptional minds, guide them toward advanced degrees, and empower their career goals right from the recruitment stage. Each participant will receive the A2GS Recruitment Workbook to develop a program-specific, low-cost, fully implantable recruitment strategy that will significantly improve the diversity and growth of the program. All faculty and staff will feel better prepared to recruit individuals ready to shape the future of academia and innovation.

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