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Let's embark on the journey towards your admission and the start of a graduate degree.

A2GS Program for Getting into Graduate School

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Coaching PURPOSE

The journey toward graduate school may seem overwhelming for talented individuals who are seeking to join a program that can take their career to the next level. However, our Apply, Submit, Accept, Progress (ASAP) Coaching Program is here to guide you through this transformative journey and help you achieve your dreams. The path to higher education often presents challenges and uncertainties, but success lies in ambition, strategic guidance, and unwavering support. Our coaching program is designed to provide the necessary support, personalized guidance, and comprehensive coaching experience to empower you to secure admission into your dream graduate school. With a proven track record of empowering countless individuals, we are dedicated to removing barriers and empowering you with the knowledge to gain entry into graduate school and pursue a degree to achieve your goals.

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have questions about the process of pursuing a graduate degree?


want to receive 1:1 guidance through the graduate school application process?

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If you have struggled with…

Researching and shortlisting potential graduate schools based on your goals and interests.

Setting realistic expectations and creating a personalized timeline for applying to and receiving admission into graduate school.

Developing a compelling narrative that showcases your passion and research interests.

Crafting a powerful resume or CV that highlights your relevant achievements.

Understanding the purpose and structure of personal statements and statements of purpose.

Identifying and analyzing program fit, funding opportunities, and future career prospects.

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Coaching is for you

Eliminate the uncertainty involved in applying to graduate school.

Receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout the graduate school application process.  With lessons, resources, 1:1 meetings, and feedback, the TalentMagnet Coaching Program will help you get admitted into your dream program. 



  1. I put off applying to graduate school year after year because I felt unprepared and feared rejection. Coaching helped me narrow my focus to identify my needs and find a graduate program that works for the many things I juggle. - Elizabeth, 6th Grade Math Teacher, Accepted into LSU PhD in P-12 Educational Leadership

  2. Every student needs Dr. Grimes, who understands the process of applying to graduate school and can explain terminology many people, like me, are unfamiliar with. - Michael, Marketing Executive, Accepted into Cornell MPS in Management

  3. 6-Weeks worked great for me. Each week I had assignments to complete. Dr. Grimes discussed those with me and offered great support on this journey. I received admission to three premier programs in my field. Dr. Grimes did a great job providing all the information you need. - John, Police Officer, Accepted into Grand Canyon University Masters in Criminal Justice

ASAP Coaching Program Learning Outcomes

Clarify Your Purpose: Gain clarity on your motivations and aspirations for graduate studies through personalized guidance, self-reflection exercises, and coaching. Ensure that your academic and career goals align seamlessly with the program you will apply to.

Engage in Strategic Planning: Develop a personalized roadmap tailored to your unique circumstances, enabling you to balance current commitments with preparation for applying to and beginning a graduate degree.

Craft a Stellar Application: Craft compelling application materials, including resumes, CVs, personal statements, and letters of recommendation, that effectively portray your academic achievements, work experience, and leadership potential.

Master the Grad School Essay or Statement of Purpose: Hone your writing skills and learn how to craft compelling essays and statements of purpose that highlight your passion, goals, research interests, and alignment with specific graduate programs.

Ace the Interview: Master your interview skills with personalized coaching, mock interviews, and insights on various interview formats to effectively communicate your experiences and career goals.

Decision-Making Support: Evaluate graduate school offers based on program fit, funding, mentorship, and career prospects to make informed decisions aligned with your aspirations.

Support Group

ASAP Coaching includes

  • Personal support, coaching, and feedback throughout your application journey 

  • Weekly meetings and check-ins with ASAP Community.

  • Guidance on writing your graduate school essay or personal statement.

  • Resources on paying for graduate school, obtaining application fee waivers, talking with decision-makers, writing a winning personal statement, and more. 

  • Exclusive information graduate school decision-makers use to review and admit top applicants.

  • Workbooks and checklists are needed to organize materials for applying to graduate school. 

  • Complimentary copy of the book "20 Questions to Answer Before You Apply to Graduate School".

  • And so much more.

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