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20 Questions to Answer Before You Apply to Graduate School

A Guide for Getting into Graduate School

20 Questions to Answer Before You Apply to Graduate School. By Justin Grimes
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have questions about the process to pursue a graduate degree?


want to find the graduate program of your dreams?


Our society is filled with many people with the desire and skills to pursue a graduate degree but no plan to get started with applying.  This book will aid you in answering all the questions you have and one’s you didn’t consider before you apply to graduate school.  You will learn about the application process, what materials you need to submit with your application, funding your degree, narrowing down where to pursue a graduate degree, questions to ask recruiters, and more.  The goal is for you to feel informed and ready to apply to the graduate program of your dreams. 

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Is this you?

For days, months, or years, you have said that you need to go back to school to get an advanced degree, but procrastination has taken over.

You read on job applications that the preferred candidate has a graduate degree, and you can’t get the job because you don’t have one.  

You know you want to advance in your career, but school is not your thing.

You heard from a mentor that you shouldn’t have to pay for graduate school, but you are unsure what questions to ask or where to find information about getting funding for your degree.

The idea of looking up graduate programs, funding, and application information feels overwhelming, so you keep putting off getting started.

You are about to graduate with your bachelor's degree in a few months but have no plans, so you figure going to graduate school will be a great idea. 

While you are thriving in your career and intensely interested in going back to school, you are not sure where to start because it’s been a few years since you applied to a school.

20 Questions to Answer Before You Apply to Graduate School. By Justin Grimes

This book is for you

Get answers, organized, and ready to apply to graduate school. A graduate program has your acceptance letter ready, but you need to apply to graduate school first.

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If you have struggled with…

Knowing what questions to ask before you start applying to graduate school.  

Knowing the process to identify a graduate program that fits your needs, goals, and finances. 

Narrowing down your list of 5 graduate programs. 

Figuring out how to pay for graduate school.

Getting organized and following through with applying to graduate



  1. This book answers so many questions that I had when deciding to go to grad school. I wish it had been available to me then. Every person should read this before signing up for grad school.

  2. Every student needs this book to help make the right decision about grad school. Dr. Grimes has provided a road map to success.

  3. Thinking about grad school? This book is necessary! The most helpful book for anyone considering grad school. Dr. Grimes did a great job providing all the information you need.

Gwynda Shields,

Fayetteville, AR

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