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dr. Justin Grimes

My name is Dr. Justin Grimes, and I was born and raised in Little Rock, AR.  I worked in Graduate Education for several years. As the owner of Apply to Graduate School, I’m familiar with the growing changes in graduate education. As a coach, speaker, and consultant, I aim to make graduate education more accessible and equitable for everyone.


In my academic journey, I went from a low ACT, GPA, and GRE score to completing three degrees, including a doctorate. Now, I am privileged to address the critical needs of graduate recruitment, admissions, and retention. Many talented individuals aim to get a graduate degree to address career entry, pivot, change, or promotion, and I desire to help them.

I bring to my work the perspective of an educator, degree holder in an online and in-person graduate program, graduate student recruiter, admissions coordinator, academic coach, and author of a book that explains applying to graduate school.

Outside of the business, I am a huge fan and mini collector of sneakers.  My favorite things are bowling, watching movies, spending time with my family, cooking, and traveling.  

Dr. Justin Grimes. Author of 20 Questions to Answer Before You Apply to Graduate School

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