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How Do I Get My Slice of the Pie

Have you ever found yourself yearning for your own slice of the proverbial pie in life? Whether in your career, academic pursuits, negotiations, or even indulging in a delightful dessert, the desire to receive your fair share is universal. But what if you're putting in the effort and not seeing the results you deserve?

Unlocking Your Piece of the Pie:

Chances are, you're overlooking a valuable asset – your unique skills, abilities, and knowledge. It's time to embrace the P.I.E. method for pie enthusiasts and those seeking purpose, intent, and efficiency in their endeavors.

What is the P.I.E. Method?

The P.I.E. method revolves around aligning your efforts with your Purpose, Intent, and Efficiency. It's a transformative approach that can be applied to various aspects of life, be it work, assignments, or communication.

Purpose: Ask yourself, "How is this connected to my purpose?" Identifying the deeper meaning behind your actions ensures that your efforts are meaningful and fulfilling. Your work should resonate with your overarching life goals.

Intent: Consider, "What is my intention?" Clarifying your intentions allows you to stay focused and committed. Whether navigating a career pivot, applying to graduate school, or tackling a project, understanding your intent ensures a purposeful journey.

Efficiency: The third question is, "How can I do this with efficiency?" Streamlining your approach ensures that you're working hard and smart. Efficiency is the key to optimizing your time and resources for maximum impact.

Applying the P.I.E. Method:

Regardless of the task, the P.I.E. method can guide you to a more favorable and enjoyable outcome. By incorporating purpose, intent, and efficiency into your daily activities, you'll find yourself on a path to success that aligns with your aspirations.


If you're intrigued by the P.I.E. method and want to delve deeper into its application in your work, graduate school applications, or career transitions, click here to schedule a conversation. It's time to claim your piece of the pie and unlock your full potential with purpose, intent, and efficiency.

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