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What it Takes to Reach the Graduate School Application Finish Line

The goal of a runner in the Olympics is to win the race.  Runners don't wake up one day, put on shoes, start running, and win a race.  You don’t wake up one day, apply to graduate school, and hope you don’t get admitted into the graduate program of your dreams. They have folks behind the scenes who are cheerleaders, coaches, and supporters. 

Often, at the end of the race, the winner receives or seeks out the hugs from someone listed above. 

Who's serving as your cheerleader, coach, and supporter to help you find funding, write the personal statement, get the letters of recommendation, take the test, and confidently apply to graduate school?

Reaching the graduate school application finish line can seem far away. You want to make a good decision, and having a coach who has been through the application process and can walk you through it is invaluable.

Not all coaches have the expertise, knowledge, and ability to help you win the race or, in this instance, get into graduate school. You should be able to leave a conversation with a coach saying "YES" to these questions.

  • Has this person applied to graduate school, been admitted, and completed a graduate degree?

  • Do they have experience in graduate school recruitment and admissions?

  • Do they have a passion for helping individuals get into graduate school?

  • Do they have credible information or resources that showcase their ability to help you get into graduate school?

When coaching people to get into graduate school, I'm the...

I don't want you crashing into hurdles.

I want you to be trained and ready to give your best and take a leap of faith that you will get admitted with Apply to Graduate Schools coaching.  Even with my coaching, you must run your race and hit the submit button on the application. 

If you are ready to win the graduate school application race, click here to set up a 15-minute meeting to discuss how I can help get you to the finish line.    

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